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  • “Your help was important to forging this victory!”

    Bob Bibee, Campaign Consultant
    Paul Broun for Congress

  • “The emails you provided me tripled the number of votes I got
    in the counties we emailed compared to those we did not email.
    I would advise anyone running in the future to use your service!”

    Tom Stearns, Independent Candidate
    for Florida Chief Financial Officer

  • “Thank you for the quick service!”

    Suzi Rubin, Candidate for Ohio State Legislature
      Friends of Suzi Rubin

  • “I was very happy with the results of the e-blast we did.
    You were very helpful with creating a good product to send!”

    Larry Lauer, District 14 Coordinator
    for MD GOP State Candidates

  • “Our ballot initiative client was thrilled with the results of the email broadcast. The kudos really belongs to you!”

    Lauren T., Staff
    Global Vision Communications

Trusted Source for Over a Decade is the political data arm of American Information Marketing, LLC (“AIM”) now in our 10th year! Our management team has been assisting political candidates and committees with their strategic marketing services for over 30 years including three U.S. Presidential compaigns, 65 U.S. Congressional offices and scores of political candidates & commitees, ballot initiative sponsors and leading noprofits. We offer proven experience and world-class email delivery technology!

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